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Why Islamic gift is important

islamic gift

Gifts are a sign of affection, love, and warmth. Human nature is based upon the need for affiliation and affection. Gifts are the best means to satisfy this need. It is not the worth or price of the gift which matters, but it is the feeling with which a gift is exchanged. Gifts are a source of spreading love in almost all cultures and religions. Islam has put a special emphasis on the deed of exchanging gifts. You can find a large variety of Islamic religious gifts at various gift centers.

In Islam, the gift is referred to as a Hadiya. Hadiya refers to any offer given to the other person as an expression of admiration and love. From books to crystal Islamic giftsthere is a huge variety to select for an Islamic gift. For all of you who may think about the importance of Islamic gifts, we have compiled a list of all the important facts which clarify the importance of Islamic gifts.

Islamic gifts revive the Sunnah

Islam is the religion of peace and harmony. In all the preaching of Islam, the spread of love and affection is highlighted. For the same reason sharing gifts appears to be a major part of Sunnah. If you are sharing Islamic gifts, you are reviving the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. He used to accept his followers’ gifts and loved ones and always used to give something in return.  

As a Muslim, it is an obligation for all of us to keep this Sunnah alive. Do not consider it as a formality but a means of following the Sunnah of the dear prophet.

Islamic gifts create the brotherhood 

In this era of hectic routines and busy lives, we need to keep an eye on the overall society. Our society lacks the spirit of brotherhood and affection. One of the best ways to recreate brotherhood in society is to follow the practice of sharing gifts. On a larger scale, it will impact the whole society, and an overall feeling of brotherhood will be created.

Islamic religious gifts will make a difference. These gifts will serve as an emblem of religion and a way of increasing affection and love among its followers. For this purpose, do not wait for some special occasion but gift something randomly to enhance the meaning of love.

Islamic gifts pave the way towards the pleasure of Allah

The ultimate objective of a Muslim’s life should be to please Allah. This pleasure must be sought in all everyday needs. The practice of sharing gifts is one such deed that pleases Allah. When you gift something to your Islamic brother or sister, you are creating happiness for a follower. Moreover, it is the way of creating a bond of love between followers. Both of these deeds are greatly liked by Allah and calls for the bounties of Allah in this world and hereafter.

Allah has created humans on the principles of love and peace. Exchange of gifts is a deed appropriate for human nature; hence it is liked by both the humans and their creator. When you gift something to your loved ones, consider doing it for Allah’s sake, and he will reward you the best.

For a Muslim, the pleasure of Allah is the biggest achievement. You can also achieve this pleasure if you gift someone with all the purity of your heart. 

Islamic gifts are the best way to revive Islamic values

One of the best ways to restore Islamic values is to increase Islamic practices in daily life. The exchange of gifts is one such practice. It is not an action on a personal scale, but it has its impact on a large scale for the society and the followers of Islam. When gifts are exchanged frequently, it will serve as a source of reviving the Islamic values in the society.

In societies where there is a large influence of non-Islamic media and groups, this practice of sharing gifts will serve as a means of reviving Islamic values. Especially small Islamic books and crystal Islamic gifts are the best tokens for restoring Islamic values in society. It will affect both the individual bond of love and the collective establishment of Islamic values.

Islamic gifts can encourage our young generation to be better Muslims

As Muslims, there is a huge responsibility for us to pass the Islamic values and teachings to the next generations. Sharing Islamic gifts is the most practical way to fulfill this responsibility. Arrange for gift sharing activities amongst the youngsters so that they can know about Islam at a young age. In this way, it would be easier for us to pass on Islam’s preaching to the next generation.  

Young minds are quite flexible yet inquisitive. Rather than giving long lectures on Islam’s teachings, small acts like sharing if Islamic gifts can have a huge impact on spreading the words of Islam to youngsters.

Islamic gifts are monuments for a long time

When you share an Islamic gift, you create a monument of Islamic value that will stay for a long time. If you want to show your affection to a Muslim brother, the gift is the best way to create a long term impact. It will serve as a monument of Islamic values, which will stay for a longer period. In this way, you are paving the way for testimonials of Islamic value visible for a longer period.

Next time you think of exchanging gifts with someone, and then Islamic religious gifts are the best option. The stated facts have highlighted that the gifting deed is an action greatly liked in Islam. By choosing a good gift, you get the befit of pleasing Allah as well as creating a bond of affection with the recipient. Gifts serve the purpose of removing malice from the hearts. On a large scale, sharing gifts can create peace and harmony among all the Muslim brothers and sisters. Choose a good gift for your loved ones, and revive this beautiful preaching of Islam. 

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