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Unique Christmas Corporate Gifts Ideas for Employees and Clients

Christmas Corporate Gifts
The month of December brings an annual fest of Christmas on 25th. Christmas is celebrated as the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. A celebration of the festival is incomplete till we exchange gifts with our acquaintances. Being in the corporate, one needs to share the festive greetings with everyone associated with the business. There comes the big question is what should be your Christmas gift to your clients, associate & stakeholders? Keeping in check that it should be unique & creative yet give the corporate character.
The answer is here!
We have got the best corporate gift ideas for this festive season which are as follow:-
  • Pen stand
  • Awards
  • Scale model gift
  • Crystal showpieces
  • Customized Pen Stand
1. As said “Pen is the voice of your mind” so what can be better than customized pen stand for your clients, executive & associates this Christmas as your corporate gift item. We have sorted out amazing ideas which will turn a simple pen stand into the best corporate gifts.
Customizing with brand logo:
When we are looking for a corporate gift supplier our major concern is to make our gift look more personalized with respect to our brand. In that case, the best option for you is to get your brand logo embedded on the pen stand along with your festive greetings. Also, to make your corporate gift item more creative you can embed your USP product/service on the pen stand.
Eg: for Standard Bank, they opt their card along with their brand logo which enhances the look of the pen stand.
 2. Awards
The next in the corporate gift section, we have is Awards. In the corporate sector, our focus is to give gratitude to our clients & business associate. So keeping this fact in mind you can pick Award as a token of ‘appreciation or thanks’ to your clientele.
Following are the categories for Awards:
  • Corporate Crystal Award :
In the Crystal award, you can get award design on a crystal base with the pleasantries.
  • Metal Base Award:
Basically, design in the form of trophy or award on a metal base with the essence of your brand.
3. Scale model Gift:
In this segment, we have got a specialty of Dubai i.e scale model which are in trends nowadays. All corporate gift suppliers are moving towards this / attracted to this segment. Basically Scale model confined to the miniature variant of an object or commonly famous place. You can circulate the scale model in your corporate clientele as a token of remembrance with a special message.
Currently, the corporate gift items suppliers in Dubai manufacture mainly two forms:
  • Scale model
  • Crystal box scale model

4. Customized Crystal showpieces

Crystal showpieces are the timeless corporate gifts items which never go out date. But with the time they are much more personalized as per the brand. Incorporate the latest trend is to give a message with the gift along with the brand name. Also fusing crystal artifacts with the lightening effect.
So, here’ all the unique corporate gifts ideas for this Christmas. Out of all these, you can select the one you like and Crystal Arc will make sure to personalize in the best way possible to make your brand look phenomenal.
Here’s crystal arc wishes you all a Merry Christmas in advance.
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