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Types of People in the Workplace that Deserve a Trophy

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Trophies are the ultimate physical representation of an achievement. Every time we see a trophy, we are reminded of the effort we’ve put on our craft, on our work. It brings good memories and keeps us motivated, always wanting to do better. To push to new limits, to get to new levels. However, trophies are often used to honor the work of a person, to their dedication, to what they offer to a company. What happens to the human part? It turns out that trophies are also perfect to recognize a person for their values. After all, values are important to the core of any human being. So why not gift a trophy to a person for being the best in who they are? In this article, we’ll take the opportunity to mention the types of people in the workplace that deserve a trophy.

The Loyal

Loyal employees are the kind of people that feel identified to the company they work for. They love where they work and as a result, they look for ways to not only improve themselves but also the company. These are employees that are always motivated and have a sense of loyalty to their workplace. Not only that, besides looking to make themselves and the company better, they also bring out the best in their coworkers. Undoubtedly, this is the type of person that deserves an award for being loyal.

The Soldier

Now we have the so-called “soldiers”. They’re also loyal but they stand out for trying to do a little bit of everything. They do things that aren’t even in their job position because they love what they do and where they work. They usually stay in the same company for lots of years. Even though they don’t present many leadership skills, they are an invaluable asset to any company because of what they bring to the table.

The Champion of Ideas

This is another type of employee that has a brilliant mind, full of new ideas and thoughts. They’re so innovative that they bring something new to any company, pushing it to new limits. These are types of people that like to take matters into their own hands and start new projects. 

The Perfectionist

Of course, we couldn’t write this article without mentioning the perfectionist. Any company wants a person that’s efficient and productive and this is exactly what a perfectionist is. They don’t settle and always look for ways to improve themselves, to reach new heights. As a consequence, the company rises too. However, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t overdo it. Trying to do the best job possible is good, but not to the point that it can become dangerous to your health.

The Social

Last but not least, we have a social person. Is that person in every company that’s pretty popular and that everybody likes. This is because this type of person likes to interact with everyone. They see life with optimism and like to organize events and do something with their coworkers outside of the workplace. They make the work environment better and pleasing.

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