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Trophies or Plaques: Which One is Better as an Employee Recognition Award?

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Employees are fundamental to the success of a business, without them there would be no business at all. You have to keep them motivated and it’s important to let them know how valuable they are; this can be perfectly encapsulated with a prize. You may be undecided as to what type of prize can be awarded. In this article, we will help you decide what the best form of recognition for your employees is: trophies or plaques.
Before choosing, first, you have to know their features.
They are more versatile
Trophies offer more variety in terms of design and materials. Depending on the reward, you have many options to choose from. It also depends on the employee you are going to award and his/her taste. Trophies are perfect for people who are creative and like variety, they are made of many materials such as glass, acrylic, and especially crystal. All these elements together give a feeling of luxury and exclusivity.
They can be given more than once
Because of its unique and distinctive design, a trophy can be awarded to several winners each month. It’s not like a plaque that has to be constantly changed because of the engraving. Also, awarding several employees each month creates motivation and fun competition among staff to give their maximum effort.
They are accessible in terms of price
For the design and material they are made of, trophies are very accessible. This is because of the variety of materials from which they are made. It’s an excellent idea as it provides an essence of elegance and class at an affordable price.
They are super affordable
Trophies are very accessible due to their features, but they can be very expensive in the long run if they’re given out monthly. However, this problem does not occur with plaques. You can express recognition and appreciation to your employees without going bankrupt by giving a plaque.
There are perpetual plaques
These types of plaques are very good because you can recognize multiple employees in one. There are plaques with twelve spaces to recognize your employees for a whole year. It’s an excellent alternative because it gives a sense of community and solidarity when all the names are together.
They can be put anywhere
Due to the characteristic shape of the plaques, they can be placed anywhere in the office like hung on a wall or placed on a desk. They are very versatile in this aspect, unlike trophies that can only be placed on a surface.
Now that you know the features of these two types of awards, it’s time for you to choose. As mentioned in the beginning, recognizing the importance of your employees is essential. Along with this, it’s also important that you know them well enough to choose the perfect award, whether it’s a trophy or plaque. If you still have a hard time choosing, let Crystal Arc be your guide! We have an excellent variety that will satisfy your employees.
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