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Top Trophy Mistakes Businesses Need to Avoid

It’s important to recognize your employees’ efforts throughout their time in your company. Trophies are a constant reminder that hard work pays off, they represent special moments, and they motivate your employees to do better. Because of their significance, we want you to avoid the most common mistakes companies make when ordering trophies. Follow these tips to make sure everything goes as planned.

Cheap trophies

Business trophies are supposed to feel elegant and prestigious. If you’re not sure of what trophy to choose always go for a classic design, it never fails to impress! Crystal awards are perfect as they give a feeling of sophistication and professionalism.

Broken Trophies

To avoid this serious mistake, order the trophies as soon as possible; maybe one or two weeks before the date, they’re to be delivered. If the trophy is damaged in any way, you can ask for a replacement comfortably with enough time to spare. For these kinds of events, it’s important to be cautious and think ahead.

Watch Out for Spelling errors

Check that there are no spelling errors on the trophies. It can be a misspelled name of an employee or a spelling mistake in the type of achievement. Make sure to check two or up to three times before placing an order.

Keep it simple

Avoid using too many words. You don’t need a long title, a simple but striking title is enough. Something like “Best Employee of the Year” is perfect to denote and appreciate the person’s effort. Similarly, make sure the design is easy on the eyes. A complicated design could make it difficult to read.

No Bias Allowed

Favoritism must be avoided at all cost, you need to be professional and transparent. This means that you have to be objective during the process of rewarding your members of staff. It can be difficult to create a perfect balance but you want to strive to good-heartedly praise the employee receiving the award while making sure others don’t feel like they’re not appreciated at all.

The trophy must match the achievement

Don’t just choose the cheapest trophy in the first place you could find, take your time, and make sure you’re choosing an award that matches the achievement. You want to make sure the trophy is something your employees can feel proud of and would want to show off at his desk in his office or at home. A member of staff is a constant representation of your company, if they’re proud of where they work they’ll represent your company the best way they know-how.

Have a ceremony

When you’re making an effort to deliver the perfect trophy it’s important to organize an awards ceremony. Nobody enjoys getting a trophy in a box in the middle of the office on an average day. Organize a ceremony that all of the employees can attend and have a good time.

Choosing the perfect crystal award is one of the best investments you can make. Remember, high-quality trophies, minimalist design, and avoiding spelling errors is key.

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