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You recognize your employees, how about your clients?

The perks of recognizing your employees are no secret. It’s well known that employee recognition programs increase retention, performance, and loyalty. The assurance that their contribution to your business is appreciated can be a powerful thing. The question is, will recognition work the same way with your clients? The answer is yes! The thing is…


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Use Those Crystal to Impress Them All!

The wedding season is back, again! There is an entire another world to this season than just being the time of materials and jewels; it is similarly the time of blessings. Everyone is planning to find the ideal present for the love of flying creatures. It is protected to state that you are too in…


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4 Ideas to keep your employee recognition going year-round

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of employee recognition. Motivated employees are more effective. They will also stay longer with the company. That’s one of the best proofs we get on the importance of employee recognition. Your retention rate is a hard number. It will let you know the exact amount of money you’re…