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Enhance employee recognition with gamification

We all know the perks of employee recognition. Engaged employees are more efficient and loyal. Naturally, most companies try their best to recognize employees. However, a surprising number of employee recognition campaigns fail to achieve the desired results. We decided to look into these hard cases and found that applying gamification might be the way…


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4 ways to enhance your client’s loyalty

Increasing the loyalty of clients is a priority for any business, returning clients are what makes you successful. Not only will the buy more or request your services constantly, but they should also become brand ambassadors. Consumer to consumer or word of mouth is almost always the strongest advertisement you can get, the thing is…


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5 Ideas to Celebrate Decoration month with style

Your surroundings affect your mood, well-being, and general happiness. Living in a bright and nicely decorated home will get rid of anxiety and make your life more comfortable. Putting some thought on your decorations will show that you care about your living space. April, the decoration month, is the perfect time to improve your home…