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Keep Your Employees Motivated with Proper Recognition

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Motivation is kind of an abstract concept, but it’s results are pretty clear. Motivated employees will increase efficiency, striving to reach and surpass company goals. They won’t spend their time surfing the web for videos of funny cats, just to share them with their coworkers and spread the procrastination. If your employees are properly motivated, they will work harder and get more involved with the company.
A business filled with motivated employees will grow faster, it will reach new heights. Don’t let the complexity of the concept turn you away from its rewards. Let’s take a look at what we understand from motivation.
Motivation can be influenced by a number of factors. Biology can affect motivation, is the employee healthy? Some will be predisposed to stay motivated while others the opposite. Their intellect is a strong factor, are they being challenged by their responsibilities? The social factor plays an important role in the workplace. How are your employees getting along? do they feel respected by their coworkers?
Taking care of their biological needs is tricky. Some companies have implemented programs to improve their employee’s health. This brings to mind Google’s free food for employees policy. David Burkus published his findings on this policy on Forbes. “While there is a return on investment for all the food, the reason for it isn’t just to trick employees into staying on campus. Its purpose is actually to inspire innovative thinking.” They’ve reported great results, but it represents a significant investment. If this out of your hands, just focus on the other factors.
The intellectual and social factors can be positively encouraged without that much trouble. There are many different ways to do so, you can improve communications, host sporting competitions, and more. We’ve found that proper recognition can greatly encourage motivation appealing to both intellectual and social factors. You should try different methods to motivate your employees, but recognition should be always among them.
If your employees don’t understand the importance of their duties, they might feel that they’re not living up to their potential. They might even neglect them, irrationally feeling it won’t make a difference.  A corporate award will create a strong memory, reminding them how important their role in the company actually is.
To get the most out of your corporate awards, you should make an event around them. Invite your employees, and their families, if the budget allows. An audience can do wonders for recognition, it will make the award more meaningful, it will foster respect among your employees, even raise some healthy competition that will go a long way towards motivating them.
An award ceremony will positively affect both intellectual and social factors of employee motivation. They will be committed to making your business succeed. All you need is the perfect mementos to mark the occasion, luckily we can help you there. You can browse our products us a call +971-558990060.

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