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How to Present an Employee Awards Speech

Employee Awards
Let’s say you have already chosen a bright employee to present an award to. Now, the big question is: How will you do it? Don’t worry! We wrote this article to help you with just that.
A good employee recognition speech can motivate, engage, inspire your employees, and establish a positive work environment too. A lot of benefits can come from recognizing those who do good work so it’s important to prepare yourself ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared for an employee appreciation speech.
Keep in mind that your speech means a lot to your employees so it’s important to  take some time to write a personalized speech. Don’t forget that your purpose is to demonstrate how much your company values the employees’ dedication.
It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the most gifted or talented public speaker, this post will teach you and all the managers out there to deliver the perfect employee recognition speech by following these tips:
1. Prepare in advance
Schedule the event in advance so that your employees can be present to receive their crystal award. Try to invite important people to the event,  relatives, friends, and coworkers mean a lot to your employees. They will feel supported and very special.
2. Welcome everyone and introduce yourself
First, you should give a cheerful welcome to all the guests at the event. After that, say your name, your title in the company and your relationship with the person you are recognizing. Express your thanks to everyone involved for helping with the organization of the event, and point out that without them, it wouldn’t be possible.
It is important to invite your award employee to stand next to you on the presentation. These types of details will make your employees feel even more special. Remember, this is their big day!
3. Be specific and positive
Take your time to write something about the employee you are honoring, keep it short and enthusiastic. The most important part of the speech is to highlight why this employee is being recognized. Tell a specific story to exemplify the effort, passion, and hard work of the honoree.
We recommend you don’t leave others behind and show other employees the depth of your appreciation as well. Take a few minutes to talk about how difficult it was to choose a winner, recognition always increases performance and engagement. Try to motivate your other employees to reach similar goals someday.
You don’t want to put your audience to sleep! So don’t give a long biography of the honoree, only talk about why your employee won the award.
4. Leave out any unfair employee comparisons and constructive criticism
Your employees should feel great while you are making the presentation. You have to keep the focus on the importance of good work, don’t make uncomfortable comparisons between your employees. This ceremony is not the time to make constructive criticism, it’s better to leave it out of your speech. Your employees are going to appreciate it and will get to know your lighter side. Keep in mind that people do their best work for the managers they like. Also, we recommend that you are careful with the jokes in your speech, only use them when they are appropriate.
How can you end your speech?
It’s a good idea to end your speech by thanking your employees again for their good and hard work. Try to make everybody feel good at the end of your employee awards speech.
Great! You already have written your employee recognition speech, now it’s time to practice it.
Try to practice saying your speech out loud to your family and friends to get their feedback. Also, you can record yourself to polish your speech. This way you’ll feel more prepared and comfortable.
Are you ready? It’s time to present your employee awards speech. Good luck!
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