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Great Ideas and Phrases for Trophy Engraving

Trophy Engraving
Normally trophies are known for having striking designs and high-quality materials, but not much attention is paid to the most important factor of a trophy: the engraving. Of course, trophies are the best way to recognize the effort and role of a person. It’s a physical memory of the amount of work put into any activity. However, the trophy isn’t everything since the message it contains is what will impact the person who receives it. While it’s true that space can limit the message you want to convey, there are many ways to avoid this. That is why in this article we present you with the best phrases and ideas for the engraving of trophies that you want to deliver.
Achievement trophies
In this type of trophy, an outstanding objective achieved by an employee is rewarded. It’s important to highlight the person’s effort to obtain said achievement. Beyond the basic phrases we already know, there are phrases like:-
  • For Your Positive Accomplishments and Attitude towards The Company.
  • For Your Dedicated Service and Efforts Where They Counted Most.
  • In Recognition Of Exceptional Accomplishments.
Dedication and Service Trophies
This time it’s the extra effort given by an employee for the company that is rewarded. For that person who feels very identified in the work area and is always giving everything to keep the company growing and evolving. To express all this in a trophy, there are things you can say, like:-
  • In Grateful Appreciation for Your Years of Outstanding Service and Devotion.
  • In Grateful Appreciation for Your Many Years of Dedication and Diligence to The Company.
  • From The Smallest Project To The Largest Undertaking, You Were Always There To See It Through.
Leadership Trophies
Dedicated to those people who always take the initiative in any type of activity. No matter how small or large, they’re always there to meet the overall objectives. To let those people know that they have this quality there are good phrases, like:-
  • For Your Visionary Guidance and Undaunting Leadership.
  • In Appreciation of Outstanding Leadership as Production Manager.
  • In Grateful Appreciation for Your Superior Leadership Qualities and Dedication to Our Company.
Sales Trophies
There are always those employees who stand out with their good vocabulary to get a customer’s purchase. They’re very important as they greatly promote the income of the company. For this fundamental role they fulfill, you can use phrases such as:-
  • Salesman of the Year Thank You For Your Dedication & Commitment.
  • In Recognition Of Your Ability To Far Surpass, All Sales Quotas Set By The Experts.
  • For Your Outstanding Achievements in The Field Of Sales In Your Territory.
Retirement Trophies
Last but not least, we have retirement trophies. For those people who dedicated a large part of their lives to contribute their skills to a company. They’re invaluable and relatively scarce employees since not everyone dedicates much of their life to a business. To celebrate and recognize all the time invested by these employees, there are engravings like:-
  • This Award Is Presented In Appreciation For 22 Years Of Untiring Service Your Loyalty And Friendship Will Be Long Remembered.
  • We Want To Extend To You Our Sincere Appreciation For Your 18 Years Of Dedicated Service To Our Community We Wish You Much Happiness In Your Retirement Thank You For A Job Well Done.
  • Enjoy Your Well Deserved Retirement We Will Miss You.
Well, there you have it! Several ideas that you can use to engrave the trophies you wish to deliver to your employees. Your next step is to choose the ideal trophy. Make sure you do it with the best option, us. Always remember to visit Crystal Arc for the best trophies in design and quality.
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