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Enhance employee recognition with gamification

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We all know the perks of employee recognition. Engaged employees are more efficient and loyal. Naturally, most companies try their best to recognize employees. However, a surprising number of employee recognition campaigns fail to achieve the desired results. We decided to look into these hard cases and found that applying gamification might be the way to solve them.
The most important thing about an employee recognition campaign is motivation and gamification is all about that. You will be able to increase the engagement of your campaigns by applying simple concepts. The best part is that you can do it without extra cost. Here are some tips that will help you employee recognition yield the results you’re looking for.

Implement a point system

Instead of looking at the books to draw a winner you can make your corporate awards more engaging by using a point system. Each time an employee completes a task or takes any positive action, award him with a set number of points. This will make their scores more tangible. It’s also a great way to include members of different departments.
A point system will also let you implement additional ways of recognition for free. High scores are a great example. The prestige of the achievement will definitively improve employee motivation. Another remarkable use of points on recognition campaigns is corporate gift exchanges. Letting your employees chose their corporate gift will certainly help with motivation. Plus. no need to worry about choosing the wrong corporate gift item.
Another great way to get more motivation out of your point system is by allowing your employees to get “buffs” in exchange for points. For example, you could offer better parking spaces, extra vacation days, longer lunch breaks, or anything they would enjoy in exchange for points. Just make sure you calculate the prices correctly.

Make your campaign more social

A little competition can really increase motivation. It’s nature, we all have that drive to prove ourselves. The good news is, you can direct that drive into productive actions. The best way to do it is by keeping a public scoreboard. You don’t even need an actual scoreboard, you can create a digital scoreboard and publish it on your compañy channels.
Another way to increase the social component of your employee recognition campaigns is by creating teams. For example, you could divide your employees into teams of a salesperson, a customer service rep, and a delivery man. Then each team will share a score. That way you will get all the benefits from competition, plus, you will be improving their teamwork at the same time. At last, you can recognise all the participant with a crystal trophy, award or crystal corporate personalized gift.
Leverage different stimuli
The power of directed stimuli is no longer a secret. Give someone a treat followed by a distinctive sound and they’ll associate the sound with the joy of getting a treat. You can apply the same concept to your workplace. Each time something good happens, play a distinctive cheery tune. That will make your employees view finishing a task on a more positive light.
Keep in mind that these tunes could get distracting. You should only use them if you’re having motivation problems. Even then use them with discretion.
Applying some of these concepts is a great way to improve employee recognition campaigns. If your campaigns are not performing as you want them to not give up. Employee recognition is key to a successful workplace.
All you need is a little creativity in selecting your corporate recognition momento for your employees. Each workplace is different and requires a custom approach to recognition. You’ll find yours at crystal arc.
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