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Crystal VIP NECKLACE for wedding Gift



Different kind of necklace lovely gift.


Masna Haseen

They are highly recommended for 3d models, perfectly captures minute details. You don't even have to submit the designs and you also have options amongst several designers. Their glass pasting ( Pate de verre ) is also very promising.

Sufyan Awan

They can create amazing stuff, u show picture and they can create same stuff for you.

sadar kh

They Customized Couple of crystal trophies and engraved crystal gifts for us. Just amazing! Wouldn't say its cheap,but definitely worth the price. Will Order MORE...

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Nakawa collection

At Crystal Arc, we are always aiming to outdo ourselves by overwhelming our customers with exquisite designs.

NAKAWA, we believe, is the next level in terms of design and craftsmanship. Crystal Arc proudly brings you a sliver of elegance and standing true to its name; every Nakawa piece will bring an impeccable charm. Undoubtedly, Nakawa will enjoy a ubiquitous presence in homes, offices, hotels, or other businesses alike.