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Celebrate Plastic-Free July with Class


We all know how important is to preserve the environment. Sure, chaining yourself to a tree would be getting it too far. That’s the brilliance of Plastic-Free July. A single month a year without plastic can make a huge difference and won’t involve sleeping in the wilderness.

Plastic-Free July started in Australia. In 2011 a small group of participants began this tradition. Nowadays, the holiday has its own nonprofit organization and over 150 participating countries. Plastic-Free July focuses on creating a world without plastic waste. It’s all about generating awareness and encouraging people to use less plastic.

Celebrating this holiday is simple. All you need is a little planning to spend July without wasting plastic. In this article, we’re giving you a few tips on how to go about it. Remember every bit counts. Even if you’re not willing to fully exclude plastic from your life, there are things you can to help without much of a bother.

Remember your Eco Bag

Sure, you have a lot on your mind. It’s not that you don’t want to use it, it’s just hard to remember. Well, Plastic-Free July might just be the perfect motivation to include that in your routine. You can try keeping one in the car, having it next to the front door, adding a note to your shopping list, anything you can think to make you remember. It will become automatic after a while.

Now, you do need to be careful about the kind of Eco Bag you use. Cotton is not a good option, you would need to reuse it over a hundred times for it to be better than regular plastic bags.

Paper is a good choice. In average, using a paper bag 4 times will be better for the environment. However, paper bags are not particularly resistant, it might now be easy to use enough. The other option is Polypropylene. While you need to use them about 17 times for them to be better, they can take it.

Avoid plastic cutlery

The best example of this comes with delivery food. Your orders will likely come with plastic cutlery. With you don’t usually need since you have it at home. You can make a difference by simply adding a note to your order.

Another usual case is coffee cups. Most coffee places will be glad to serve your coffee on a reusable cup. That won’t just save the cup and lid. It will also make it easier to take your coffee on the run.
Make snacks at home

Most snacks come with a ton of packaging. They have to travel a long way and be stored for a long time. The packaging is important. However, it’s also terrible for the environment. The best way to avoid this during Plastic-Free July is by making home-made snacks. On top of that, home-made snacks are a lot healthier.

This one might be hard for a busy schedule. That’s ok, you don’t need to prepare all your snacks yourself. You can still help by buying larger presentations. The amount of plastic used by a 250 ml coke is not that different from the 2 L version. You could practically cut your snack related plastic consumption by half.

These are just some of the ways to keep your plastic consumption down during Plastic-Free July. Now, if you want to celebrate this wonderful holiday with class you can take a look at our glass and tableware collections. You can help out the environment with elegance.

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