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4 Key Differences Between Crystal and Glass

Commonly, people want to buy something fancy for their home or for a really important visit. When they want to make that purchase, they want the very best. Sadly, it’s equally common that they don’t know the difference between materials. Maybe they want to buy a gorgeous sculpture for their living room or maybe fancy…


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An Insight to the International Golf Day trophy collection

This May first we will be celebrating the international golf day. As the favorite sport for networking, golf plays an important role in the corporate world. That means May 1st is the perfect opportunity to dust off your clubs.  Some people will tell you to visit the club and meet people there, others might tell…


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How crystal awards enhance your corporate event

There are several types of awards to recognize reaching the goals of your employees. Crystal awards are the most elegant and classic way to commemorate their achievement. They are multifaceted:- Crystal awards are suitable for many types of events. From occasional gifts to trophies, plaques, and corporate awards. They are elegant and timeless:- Crystal awards have a great…