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6 Fun Trophy Ideas for Your Next Employee Event

Usually, when a ceremony or event is held to reward employees, they’re thought to be boring. They’re also often thought to be uncomfortable. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! Such events can be very cool and fun. What better way to achieve this if everyone is made to laugh and have fun? It…


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Benefits of Crystal Awards and How to Choose Them

If you are reading this article. It is because you want to give your employees a special prize. There are several types of awards to recognize reaching the goals of your employees. Crystal awards are the most elegant and classic way to commemorate their achievement. They are multifaceted:- Crystal awards are suitable for many types of…


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Trophies will affect performance in most fields

A trophy is a tangible and lasting reminder of a specific achievement. It serves as recognition or evidence of merit. Trophies are often awarded for sporting events, from youth sports to professional level athletics. In many sports, medals (or rings, as called in North America) are often delivered as the main award or along with…


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How long do employees stay at your company?

You already know the importance of employee retention. Training costs are diluted over time. More importantly, experienced employees do a better job all around. Losing your employees too early is simply bad for business. The thing is, what does too early mean? How do you know if your retention rate is high or low? A…