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4 Ideas to keep your employee recognition going year-round

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of employee recognition. Motivated employees are more effective. They will also stay longer with the company. That’s one of the best proofs we get on the importance of employee recognition. Your retention rate is a hard number. It will let you know the exact amount of money you’re…


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How to Present an Employee Awards Speech

Let’s say you have already chosen a bright employee to present an award to. Now, the big question is: How will you do it? Don’t worry! We wrote this article to help you with just that. A good employee recognition speech can motivate, engage, inspire your employees, and establish a positive work environment too. A…


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Recommendations to Create an Excellent Award Delivery Plan

When rewarding your employees for their invaluable effort, you gotta do it right. It’s important to create an ideal plan so that they feel valued in the work area. Otherwise, this will have a negative effect that may affect your business in the long run. If you need help with this, you’ve come to the…


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6 Reasons Why Participating in Business Awards is a Golden Opportunity

There is much talk about rewarding your employees. It’s very important to recognise their effort. However, it’s time to know why participating as a business is important. True, it isn’t your priority, but participating in business awards can bring your company many benefits. Winning doesn’t necessarily have to be a top priority. Many other good things…


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Trophies or Plaques: Which One is Better as an Employee Recognition Award?

Employees are fundamental to the success of a business, without them there would be no business at all. You have to keep them motivated and it’s important to let them know how valuable they are; this can be perfectly encapsulated with a prize. You may be undecided as to what type of prize can be…


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4 Fantastic Ideas to Choose an Employee of the Month

You’re probably wondering if choosing an employee of the month is a good idea or not. If your answer is yes, you’ll also wonder how you can choose an employee of the month. It’s a modern trend that has been used a lot in businesses to motivate employees, detect mistakes, and improve them and train…