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9 Tips to Choose the Right Criteria for Employee Recognition Awards


Crediting your employees for a job well done can help you to make a better workplace environment. Recognizing employees for their contributions will increase productivity and morale. For that reason, you need to develop suitable award criteria.

You need to learn how to create the right criteria for employee recognition. It is essential to design an award ceremony. Don’t forget that nominations represent your employees’ achievements and merits. And this ceremony is a very important and significant event for everyone in the workplace.

1- Change the criteria

It is recommended that event organizers mix up the criteria every year, because, using the same criteria to pick the winners can be demotivating. After all, chances are that the same people get the awards if you’re using the same criteria.

2- Be careful

You should develop meticulous criteria for selecting applicants and winners. That criteria needs to be clearly outlined and distributed among the participants. Confusion on the rules might seriously undermind the entire campaign.

3- Form a committee

Creating an award program development team is an amazing idea to conduct the criteria. Feedback from the members of the team can help you to choose better criteria.

4- Make an employee opinion survey 

Ask employees for recommendations on award criteria. Ask them, what they want criteria to focus on. Measurable or intangible goals. For example, sales and performance quotas or creativity, teamwork, and a positive attitude.

It is also important to know the types of awards they prefer. Never assume, you must ask people how they want to be recognized.

5- Evaluate your company’s mission

You have to know very well your corporative goals. Because recognition should tie with your company’s objectives and culture.

6- Don’t exclude

Please, don’t exclude any employee founded on positions, ranks, or tasks. The criteria must apply to all workers.

7- Inform your workers

It is essential to notify your employees about the objective and criteria of the recognition program. You can send them memos individually to their private office or post these memos in public areas like cafeterias. You also can plan a meeting with your workers to explain how the program can help them.

8- Avoid financial awards

Avoid financial-based recognition, because you don’t want to finish in a performance competition. This could discourage creative ideas.

9- Make routine informal recognitions

Daily recognition of your employees is a good initiative. Send your workers thank-you notes, buy pizza for them. Always ask them for recommendations on how to have a better workplace. Sometimes, a simple “thank you” will be much appreciated.


Employee recognition is such a good idea. The award symbolizes the employee’s reaching goals in comparison with the merits of his co-workers.

Engagement is not the same as satisfaction. An employee can be satisfied without understanding the essential objectives of the company. This negatively affects your business. Don’t forget that engaged employees increase their employment value. As well as work harder and smarter on a day-to-day basis.

Public recognition of the employee’s achievement. Like the gratitude of the manager, applause and congratulations from partners. It is not a tangible prize. But it is a very significant and important award in such situations.

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