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9 Best Corporate Award Ideas for 2020

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Since the beginning of human civilization, rewards and recognition have played their part. They have played their role in motivating humans and boosting performance. Just as human civilization had undergone development, the nature of these rewards has changed. In the modern corporate world, several corporate awards are presented to maintain quality and excellence in performance. Even some companies are using crystal gift items to present as a slogan of performance and achievements.

The standards of performance are changing, and so are the expectations for rewards. While rewards are mostly tangible and monetary, recognition can take many different forms. Corporate awards fall under the category of recognition. Custom corporate gifts are the best way to make the recipient feel acknowledged and accredited. If you are also looking for some new award ideas for the year 2020, we have made this list for you. Choose these best award ideas and create a perfect environment of excellence and quality work. 

  1. The character award

It is the best award to streamline the overall character in your organization. You can give this award to someone who displays extraordinary poise, integrity, kindness, generosity, or any other characteristic which is appreciable. This award will be an energy booster when you present it to your employees to handle difficult situations. This character award will make the employee know that their management of a difficult situation was recognized and respected. Not only will it act as a motivator for the recipient of the award, but it will also serve as a benchmark for others. 

You can use creative titles for the character award. Some innovative titles include:

  • “North Star” Employee Award
  • 110% Effectiveness Award
  • Above & Beyond the Call
  • Business Leader Award
  • Exceptional Character Award
  • Exemplary Leadership
  • Humanitarian Award
  • Leading-Edge Executive Award
  • Mountain Mover Award
  • Standout Sales Chief
  • Unexpected Leader Award
  • Unwavering Dedication to Service
  • Mentorship Award

This award is the best corporate award for an organizational setup where most employees are less experienced. It is the best award to recognize the employees who take care of the newly hired or less experienced employees and take them “under their wing”. 

  • Outstanding Leadership Award

This award is to recognize your employees who have gone above and beyond to help others grow and learn at the workplace. This award is mostly for non-leadership positions to overemphasize its dignity. It is for those who appear to be leaders for others. 

  • Overachiever Award

This award is the most needed in today’s corporate world. It is for those who go beyond their job description and travel the extra mile on a project. When this award is distributed, it creates a culture of over achievement in the organization. You can make crystal gift items for the recipient to make the best memorable award. Such kind of crystal pieced can be awarded to the whole department as well. 

  • The emblem of Teamwork Award

It is the award for someone who travels extra miles to assist team members even if it does not fall under their job description. This award is the best corporate award in organizations where most of the work is project-based and demands a lot of teamwork. 

  • Extraordinary Diligence Award

For this award, consider the employee who presents outstanding work by putting great effort and giving time even beyond the working hours. Using the extra effort to accomplish exemplary work is a work behavior that’s is too rare, but integrating and encouraging it your company will make it a culture of your company resulting in the overall high achievement of the company. You can arrange custom corporate gifts for those who showed diligence and integrity.

  • Innovation award

This is to recognize the employee who has shown a proactive solution for an issue or problem. This corporate award is the best way to maintain a culture of innovation, resulting in increased workflow and outside the box thinking. In 2020 the corporate world has changed altogether, and it demands innovative solutions for the problems, so this award is the best way to enhance innovation and creativity within your organization. 

  • Best health award

In the modern world, healthy eating and maintain a healthy routine is very hard. The intake of artificial food, increased use of smart screens, lack of sleep and exercise, and many other factors have declined the health standards. This award is to encourage healthy habits among your employees. Health awards will lower the rate of absenteeism and ultimately result in a higher rate of productivity. Health awards will help the employees to participate in healthy physical activities. It will result in exceptional performance, which will benefit both the employees and the organization. 

  • Exceptional tenure award

This award is the best way to encourage an atmosphere of loyalty. It will diminish the turnover rate and lowers the costs associated with the event of employee turnover. In today’s corporate world, loyalty is quite hard to be earned so if you will not recognize those who have stayed with you, 

You can award the employees for 10 or 15 or even 20 years of service.  

You can arrange for employee recognition plaque for every milestone and pair it with monetary bonuses or custom corporate gifts. It will give a message of recognized efforts and services to encourage others to stay and serve for a longer period. 

Human nature is inclined toward recognition and accomplishment. If you are running a corporate setup, you need to keep in mind this need for recognition. Custom corporate gifts are the best way to keep a good atmosphere of the performance. Recognition and rewards share a very close and strong relationship.

A thoughtful and creative reward presented innovatively at the appropriate time can assist in establishing the perfect employee recognition environment in an organization. When a thoughtful reward is given to organizations or employees, it acts as the best motivational agent. Try our ideas of corporate awards and keep the motivation high for your organization and the individual employees.

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