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6 Fun Trophy Ideas for Your Next Employee Event

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Usually, when a ceremony or event is held to reward employees, they’re thought to be boring. They’re also often thought to be uncomfortable. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! Such events can be very cool and fun. What better way to achieve this if everyone is made to laugh and have fun? It can be done with fun trophies. In this article, we present different ideas so that rewarding your employees is a comical moment.
1. “Eternally Late”
We all have a co-worker who is always late. In the same way, they also find an excuse for each occasion. They can blame the alarm, the bus, the dog, the coffee vendor, among many other excuses. So it would be perfect to give them the award for “Eternally Late”. To make it funnier, you could present the trophy late. On top of that, the recipient may be late for the ceremony, too.
2. “How Was Your Weekend?”
Some coworkers seek to disguise the fact that they want something from someone. The most common way is to show false interest and ask how your weekend was. It’s a perfect opportunity to make a joke and decide to give it as a prize. It’s very likely to be a success because of how relatable it is.
3. “Personal Space Ignorer”
Each office has an employee who doesn’t respect the personal space of his colleagues. Every time they’re chatting or the person in question asks for something, they’re always too close. It can happen while sitting, leaning or walking. Regardless, it’s inappropriate. But also a very good excuse to include it in this fun ceremony.
4. “The Social Director”
Just as there are employees with their negative qualities, there are those that are the best. This is the case of the so-called “social directors”. They are those who take care of making the office a more fun place to work. They do it with group activities such as happy hours, karaoke, soccer leagues, among many more. This type of employee is excellent for rewarding in such a fun event.
5. “The Smelliest Lunch”
There’s always a coworker that brings the most disgusting smelling lunches. Lunches such as fish, broccoli or eggs that leave the office smelly for days. This event is the perfect opportunity to let them know that everyone smells their unpleasant meals.
6. “In a Meeting” 
It would be an excellent idea to dedicate a prize to those employees who are always “in a meeting”. It’s a very common excuse to avoid answering an important call or email. What better way to recognize this constant excuse than with a prize? That is definitely a reward for the consistency of making the same excuse every time.
Well, there you have it. Some very good ideas to decorate your employees most comically. This is how you have a good time. Of course, always keep in mind your business’ culture. Graduate each joke according to the employee to reward. You want to have a good time and not offend someone. Since you’re thinking of organizing such a fun event, keep in mind that at Crystal Arc we have the best trophy options.
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