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6 Best Corporate Award Ideas for 2019

Most likely you already know the importance of corporate awards, they will boost the morale, loyalty, and effectiveness of your executives. However, finding the right momento every-time can be challenging. The ideal award has to be memorable, but it also has to be current and match the occasion. We wanted to help, so we’re sharing our 6 best corporate award ideas for this year.
1. Bring a little culture
The world is coming closer together every day. Communication technology advances quickly, and with it access to other cultures becomes easier. Using an award with a strong cultural element is almost guaranteed to make an impact. People are no only more aware of different cultures, most foreign traditions are new to them, which makes them interesting.
2. Something to use on special occasions
A bottle of fine liquor and accompanying glasses are always welcome. The best part is that it won’t be mounted on a shelf and blend into the background. It’s something the receiver will use on special occasions, constantly bringing back memories of their achievement and your appreciation. That’s the best part of corporate award giving, take advantage.
3. Classic plaques
Some people might think plaques are worn out by now, almost a cliche. They would be wrong, personalized awards are timeless. It might not shock the audience, but having their names and accomplishment craved on the plaque will make it special for the receiver. After all, the award is about them.
4. Sport trophies
If you’re awarding athletic prowess, it’s better for the trophy to be properly themed. It’s well known that sporting events are great for teamwork and comradery. You can take this one step further with the right award. It’s very important to match the memento with the situation, its goal is to remind people of what happened, make it easier for them.
5. 3D models of your building
One of the main point of using corporate awards is to bring your executives closer to your business. A 3D model of your headquarters will be more than an impressive piece of art. Every time the receiver looks at it, he’ll feel more familiar to your place of work. That familiarity will translate into better performance and loyalty.
6. A safe place for important items
Awarding a chest might seem odd. However, a safe place to hold treasured items will associate your business with protection. If you want your executives to feel safer on your team, it’s a great way to go. Also, it will create a subtle relationship between your business and his precious items.
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