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6 Awesome Tricks to Clean Your Crystals


Cleaning your crystals can be a pretty tricky task for a lot of people. It seems as if the more you look at them, the more stains you find. It’s important to know how to clean crystals, but it’ll be fundamental to know some tricks that’ll make our task way easier. Choosing wisely the cleaning product or the cleaning method will be key points. So we at Crystal Arc are going to give you some neat tricks to clean crystals.

  1. Ammonia

Ammonia is one of the best products that you can use to clean your crystals. This product has a great degreaser and cleaning effect. With it, you’ll get amazing results. This way, you should reduce the ammonia with some water, always with a lot of precaution, given that it’s an abrasive product. With all of this taken into account, you can proceed to clean your crystals.

  1. Newspaper

Remember that after rinsing your crystals you have to let them dry or even dry them yourself. If you want to take the second option we have the ideal choice. Another perfect trick to clean crystals is to use newspaper instead of a cloth. By doing this, you’ll avoid lint scraps on the crystal that usually come from most cleaning cloths. If you don’t do this, it would have been useless to leave the crystals soaking, because they’ll get dirty again. So be careful.

  1. Vinegar

Likewise, when you’re trying to give some spark and gloss to your crystals, is very useful to mix water and vinegar. After that, you spray it on the areas you’re going to clean. For that, it’ll be very practical to put the mix inside a bottle with a spray. Apply the mix directly on any fingerprints or spots on the crystal. To get even better results, we recommend you to use hot or lukewarm water to get rid of dirt more easily. 

  1. Starch

Another trick to get rid of crystal dirtiness is dilute starch (a tablespoon) in half a liter of hot water. After that, extend this mix on the crystal helping you with a sponge. On the other hand, permeate a newspaper with vinegar and once the mix is dry rub the crystal with newspaper to remove the starch. The results will be amazing, although it’s not recommended for other things outside of the crystal. Things like windows that are exposed to the sun, because the mix would dry way too quickly and the dirt wouldn’t go away completely.

  1. Alcohol

Another great option to clean crystals is alcohol. Besides cleaning your crystals, it has a great advantage because you can also disinfect them.

  1. Toothbrush

There are some crystals that because of their design can have spots very difficult to reach. So while you’re washing them we recommend you use a toothbrush to clean those hard spots. This way you’ll ensure that the cleaning is thorough and that your crystalware is flawless.

If you want to know even more cleaning tips, but for other situations, we recommend the following article: 50 Cleaning Tips and Tricks.

So there you have it! The best tricks to clean your crystals and leave them stunning. We hope this has been of great help. Now it’s time for you to apply these techniques at home. While you’re here, do check out our Blog – Nakawa for more articles, like this one: Best Ways to Clean and Take Care of Your Trophies. At Crystal Arc, we offer the best crystal design and collection.

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