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5 Reasons Why Participation Trophies Are a Good Idea

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Very often it has been said that participation prizes have a negative effect. They’re said to be useless recognition that promote mediocrity and lack of effort. It’s also said that participation trophies are disrespectful to winners. It’s even said that it can affect the self-esteem of people, especially children. There are many opinions regarding this issue. However, in this article, we’ll give you the other version, the other side of the coin. We’ll give you the reasons why participation trophies are a good idea. You’ll also see why they are as important as trophies that recognise winners. Let’s start:-
1. Healthy Activities Are Celebrated
Normally participation trophies are given in physical or academic extracurricular activities. All these activities help immensely in the development of children. When they do activities of this kind, they ensure that they evolve healthily. In turn, they can develop multiple skills in the process. All of the above is important since today obesity is a predominant evil in the world so children must stay active. On the other hand, these types of trophies are also given in activities done in the workplace. Said activities are organized to promote teamwork and that the business family feels closer. Basically, with these trophies, everybody is recognized in all stages of life!
2. It Gives a Sense of Achievement
One of the bad things that are said is that participation trophies lower self-esteem. This is far from the truth. Being part of a group can help a lot with self-esteem. One of the best places where this happens is in the workplace. Being surrounded by your coworkers and doing a fun activity is very motivating. This is where this type of trophy comes in. Recognizing people’s efforts is as important as rewarding winners. There is nothing better than a physical memory of this, and that is exactly what participation trophies are.
3. Promote Teamwork
A person’s effort must be recognized, especially in the workplace. However, it’s equally important to recognize the efforts of the other employees. This is precisely what promotes teamwork, the act of recognizing the effort put in by all.  Not everyone can be the most valuable but they can be recognized for their effort. With participation trophies, something important is promoted both in childhood and in adulthood. That something is teamwork.
4. It Teaches to Always Try
Participation trophies reward the simple act of trying something. You cannot walk through life fearing to fail, you always have to strive. That is the basis of life, trial, and error. The practice leads to perfection and it’s very important to recognize the process. More than the result, the fact that things are done in the right way is the most important thing.
5. They Don’t Stop the Feeling of Winning
Participation awards don’t stop people from wanting to overcome themselves. On the contrary, by recognizing their effort they’ll feel more motivated to overcome their maximum rival, themselves.
Those are all the reasons why participation trophies are so important. In life, we ​​always have to do things with ownership and dedication. It’s just about practising and improving with each attempt. Participation trophies commemorate all this. In Crystal Arc, we have the best options to choose the perfect trophy for this type of celebration.

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