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5 Fun Facts about Crystal


We’re sure you live with a big amount of glass products. The majority of objects that we refer to as “crystal” actually aren’t, because glass and crystal isn’t the same thing. There are many differences between the two. However, crystal is one of the best choices. It exudes elegance and exclusivity. This is a material that can be shaped to any form imaginable, so it’s a pretty good option for a gift or decoration. Furthermore, besides being awesome, the crystal also has many cool facts and in this article, we’ll show you some of them. If you’re not convinced about the crystal world, we’re sure you’ll be completely sold after reading this article.

  1. Zhangjiajie Bridge

All of us have heard about crystal and thousands of its applications and uses. But did you know that this material is the protagonist of big architectural structures or even natural landscapes? Well, in this fact we have the Zhangjiajie Bridge, which can be found in China. It turns out it’s the world’s tallest (300 meters) and longest (430 meters) bridge. Amazed by this fact? Well, buckle up because we have more.

  1. Crystal Beach

We just mentioned that crystal is the protagonist of natural landscapes. This time we have the Crystal Beach of Ussuri Bay, in Russia. This is a declared protected zone by Russian authorities. This beach went from being a dangerous dumpster saturated of bottles of alcohol to a beach of precious stones thanks to the passage of time. It’s currently considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet for its peculiar landscape. It’s full of vibrant, brilliant colors and diverse textures. 

  1. Krystallos

Now we go to a little bit of etymology. Crystal comes from the Greek word krystallos. Initially, the name came from “kryos”, which means cold, alluding to the formation of ice from water. Later on, the name changed connotation referring more to transparency. This is the reason why Greeks gave the name “krystallos” to quartz, initially believing that it was an ice variety that couldn’t blend at room temperature.

  1. Crystal Comes from Gases

Most of the natural crystals are formed from pressured gas crystallization in the inner part of rocky cavities called geodes. The quality, size, color, and shape of crystals depend on the gases’ pressure and composition in said geodes (bubbles) and other conditions.

  1. There are Many Types of Crystals

Depending on how they’re formed, crystal has many types and as a consequence many uses. We have solid crystals, used for modern technology such as the quartz of a clock. Continuing along, there are luminous crystals used for displays of electronic devices. There are also covalent crystals, which turn into diamonds and even quartz which we just mentioned. This type of crystal is interesting because it can also be used in the medical area, like odontology and surgery. Last but not least, there are artificial crystals, which are cheaper and commonly used for jewelry and precious stones. There’s a little bit of everything with this material.

As you can see, crystals are pretty awesome! We hope that this article has convinced you to enter the crystal world and lookup for many designs. If you want to know even more, read this article: Crystal. While you’re here, please check out our new crystal collection Nakawa. You won’t regret it!

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