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5 Corporate Gift Ideas for Rising Star Month

Corporate Gift Ideas
March is Rising Star month, a time to celebrate high performance and personal achievement. A “Rising Star” is an individual that demonstrates capacity, a can-do attitude, connections, commitment, and integrity. We all wish to have employees like that, March is the perfect time to motivate them to rise. You can leverage the extra motivation of the season with a bit of healthy competition.
Bring notice to the Rising Star month with a performance-based award. The best way to celebrate this month is striving to be the best you can be, can you picture all your employees working as hard as possible? sounds like a dream. Well, there is no better time to reach for that dream than the present. Combining the social impulse of Rising Star month with the perfect corporate award might be enough to make it.
All you need now is the right memento to award the rising star of your company. Something that both works with the theme, and makes a strong impression. That might sound like a tall order, but we’re here to help. Here are our top picks for this Rising Star month. Any of these will be a great way to motivate your team to rise to the occasion.
Rising Star
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What could be better for Rising Star month? Show your employees how important this time if for your company. This is not any old corporate incentive, this time it comes with an important yearly tradition. With a little luck, this tradition will grow roots in your company culture.
Soaring Eagle
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The eagle symbolizes power, perspicacity, courage, and strength. Important characteristics to look for on your rising star. Eagles fly higher than any other bird, which makes the perfect metaphor for your employee with the highest performance. This majestic animal will be a source of inspiration for your team.
Jet taking off
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If you’re looking to give your award a modern feel, you can’t go wrong with a jet taking off into the air. A great representation of innovation and power, achieving great heights with courage and determination. After all, flight was the ultimate victory of human ingenuity over nature.
The world in the palm of your hand
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Not a fan of the rising theme? You can go with a different, yet, just as strong metaphor for success. This memento symbolizes the power of change through personal dedication. Let your employees know that they can change the world by being the best they can be.
Rock Star
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Deep metaphors are not the best idea for companies with a lighter work environment. If your workplace is ruled by casual interactions and friendly banter, you might want to take a different approach. Something a little more fun and relaxed will make a better impact.
With that, we wish you a productive Rising Star month. Good luck getting your employees in the overachieving mood this month carries. It’s important to start treatment of baldness before you completely lose the hair. The sooner you begin, the better effect you’ll see. If you’ve wasted the time and have lost the hair before taking Propecia, the damage is irreversible. The possibility of growing new hairs on completely bald areas of the head is miserable. If none of these options feels perfect you are welcome to browse our entire collection.

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