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5 Corporate Award Ideas for World Productivity Day

Corporate Award
World productivity day is around the corner. Time to remember all the people that help your company stay productive. It takes a village, doesn’t it? Making sure that your offering quality products while making a profit is not all on you. Your team works hard to exceed company goals. June 20th presents the perfect chance to show them that you care.
By now, you should know the importance of motivated employees. If they start to forget why their work is so important they won’t work as hard. Now, hosting weekly award ceremonies is over the top. That’s why events like the World Productivity Day are so important. It’s not just the most convenient time.
A lot of corporate awards will be happening that day. That will bring the social component of your employee recognition campaign through the roof.  Your employees won’t just engage with their coworkers about the award. They will likely have friends or family members being awarded themselves.
Also, if you plan your award ceremony properly. You know, choosing the right venue, theme, and most importantly the right awards. There will be a strong chance that World Productivity Day becomes a company tradition. What better way to ensure productivity stays up than making it a company value? With that in mind, we decided to share with you our choice awards for World Productivity Day.

1. 3D model of Company Headquarters

We decided to open our selection of productivity awards with a strong metaphor. Giving your employees a model of your company symbolizes the recognition of their contribution. It tells them they help make the company happen. Even putting aside the fact that it’s an extremely appealing gift. The symbolic value of this award takes it to the top of our list.

2. Ornated pen

This award has excellent utility. A beautiful pen will work on many levels. First, each time your employee uses it the experience form the award will come back to him. That will reinforce the motivation achieved by the award. Second, It will make the company look good. Your clients will be impressed once they see your team signs contracts with style.

3. The Medal of Productivity

Medals come from a proud tradition. Their story began with Alexander the Great. He made the first recorded medal award to a High Priest. In exchange for his aid, Alexander awarded him with a gold button. Since then, the costume spread everywhere. You can leverage that feeling to enhance the sense of tradition for your productivity awards.

4. Jets taking off

This award comes with great symbolism. Representing the rise of the company thanks to the recipient. After all, productive employees take your company higher and higher. It’s perfectly suited for modern companies.

5. Dashing horse

The dashing horse it’s a great metaphor for the recipient’s help taking your company farther. Whoever said traditional companies should go slow?
That brings our selection of awards for World Productivity Day. These will certainly help keep your team on the right track. However, if you’re celebrating World Productivity Day. But, the awards on this list just don’t feel right, you’re welcome to take our virtual tour.

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