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4 ways to enhance your client’s loyalty

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Increasing the loyalty of clients is a priority for any business, returning clients are what makes you successful. Not only will the buy more or request your services constantly, but they should also become brand ambassadors. Consumer to consumer or word of mouth is almost always the strongest advertisement you can get, the thing is how to get it.
There are some obvious ways to achieve this. Good prices, attentive customer service, and a quality product are the base of good client relationships. However, this by itself won’t be enough to compete in the current marketplace. Many top tier executives have figured out other ways to enhance their client’s loyalty, in this article we’ll go over the most important ones.
1. Content marketing
You have probably heard about this one already. Content marketing is on a huge rise, 90% of enterprises decided to sustain or increase their budget for this area. Still, most companies have a hard time establishing a proper content strategy. A very common reason for this is the lack of direct results, the ROI of these strategies is a little abstract. Modern display ads, on the other hand, are straight forward. You do a good campaign, you get quick and easily measurable results. Now, a great content strategy won’t likely give you many direct conversions, it will certainly increase the loyalty of your consumers. Thus, improving all your following marketing efforts.
It’s important to keep in mind that content works in a very different way than ads. If you focus on selling your product, your consumers will have a hard time finding the value of your content. Focus on solving a common problem your consumers suffer from or adding value in another way. Always remind them that your business is the source of that value, this is where having strong branding comes into play. The value you add to your content will translate into loyalty from your consumers.
2. Corporate gifts
Everybody loves gifts, it’s not really a secret. Corporate gifts are a great way to show clients you think of them and not just their wallets. Regardless of your industry, gifts are universally well received. The right corporate gift will make your clients remember you fondly, earning a good deal of brand loyalty.
It’s important that you balance the lifetime value of your clients with the cost of the gift. If a client gives you a lot of business, show them that you care with a worthy present. Something elegant and ideally personalized. Now, a low lifetime value doesn’t mean your clients don’t deserve your attention, just adapt the gift accordingly. A nice holiday card or an entertaining email will be inexpensive and will still work to improve their loyalty.
3. Corporate events
You should be familiar with the benefits of corporate events. Company parties to blow up steam, sporting competitions to encourage teamwork, seminars to improve skills. You probably do some of these already. Well, another great way to improve consumer loyalty is involving them on such events.
The invitation alone will be a very nice gesture, but the best part will naturally come in the event itself. A client attending your event will be exposed to your employees, letting them get to know who handles their business. It will let them experience your brand beyond advertisement and sales pitches. Most importantly, they will have a good time at your expense. All good ways to foster loyalty.
4. Giveaways
Running giveaways is a great advertisement strategy. People spreading the word in exchange for a chance to win. Besides regular advertisement, giveaways can be a great way to improve trust in your brand. The trick is making sure they know you delivered. A lot of marketers focus on the initial part of a giveaway, all that reach can be distracting. To get all you can out of a giveaway you need to pay attention to the delivery of the price as well.
The best way to manage this is with a video. Ideally, you’ll deliver the reward personally, filming the entire experience. You can also ask the winner to send you a video them getting the award. After that, you should distribute the video on the same channels you used for the contest. Even if they didn’t win, participants will trust your brand more if they’re certain you delivered what was promised.

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