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4 Ideas to keep your employee recognition going year-round

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We’ve talked a lot about the importance of employee recognition. Motivated employees are more effective. They will also stay longer with the company. That’s one of the best proofs we get on the importance of employee recognition. Your retention rate is a hard number. It will let you know the exact amount of money you’re recognition campaign is saving you.
Today, we will discuss an interesting trend to improve employee recognition. As it turns out, your campaign might be doing a great job. However, the lack of consistency could be undermining the results. Lapses in recognition will lower the effects. Plus, it will be harder to get them properly motivated again and again.
keeping that feeling of appreciation as a constant is much more effective. It might sound expensive. With a little creativity, you can end up saving money.
  1. Host quarterly award ceremonies

Handing awards more frequently will make the provided motivation a constant. There will always be a short term goal to grasp. Now, you might think that four award ceremonies a year might be too expensive. However, you only need to focus on the award.
The first thing to do is cutting the budget for the venue, and entertainment. Those tend to be a huge part of the budget. The truth is focus should go to the award. Sure, having a nice time improves the efficiency of the campaign. However, the new consistency will provide that extra efficiency four times over.

2. Include them in your content calendar

Social media is a great yet inexpensive way to encourage your team. Keep your employee of the month campaign up to date with the times. They will think of it as a public declaration of their value. We’ve all seen the romantic comedies, public declarations work. Your employee will see it as something great and it will only cost the time to write it.

3. Just tell them

That’s right, sometimes all you need is leave your office and talk to your team. Tell them what a great job they’re doing. Show them the impact they’re having on the company. We like to associate recognition with awards and parties. However, those are just perks to give the effort more value. The core of the experience is still on their knowing their value. Telling won’t be as effective or memorable. But, it will help keep that feeling of appreciation high year-round.

4. Keep public scores

Here’s another way to keep recognition going year-round. Keeping updated public scores will remind your employees about the importance of their performance. Do you want them to keep their eyes on the price? Put the prize where they can see.
We hope these tips inspire you to improve your employee recognition campaign. Good luck creating a culture of year-round recognition. Now, if you already use year-round recognition for your business please let us know of your results in the comments.
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