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4 Creative Ideas for Virtual Employee Recognition

4 Creative Ideas for Virtual Employee Recognition
Taking your team online has almost become a necessity for most businesses. Virtual employees come with many perks, the most important one being all the money they save your business. You will cut costs on office space and utilities, besides, the extra offer will let you chose between lower salary cost or better overall quality. It’s great for employees too, just eliminating commutes is a great benefit.
Just as with regular employees, the long distance part of your team needs to be properly motivated. Even more so, it will be harder for them to get the big picture of their work because they’re away. That makes employee recognition more important than ever. Now, you can’t really invite them to your award ceremony, can you? How to show them the appreciation they deserve? We will be sharing some tips in this article.

1. Virtual Event

While you can’t invite virtual employees to your usual award ceremony, you can host a virtual award ceremony for a fraction of the price. Platforms like Facebook events make the planning an execution of a virtual event extremely simple. You can live stream the host, even show your employees receiving the award. Just make sure to keep it interesting and chose the right awards
With a little ingenuity, you can even leverage the event as a marketing opportunity. Since it won’t really cost you anything if more people come to watch, make it a public event. That will get you some interesting exposure and more people showing up will increase the value of the event for your employees.

2. Share about them on social media

A great way to show appreciation for your employees is posting about them on social media. You can share your employee of the month, award winners, particular accomplishments. Virtual employees tend to love social media, it’s their world. A public display of recognition will help them see the importance of their work.
The best part about this strategy is the social value it adds to your online presence. Posting employee achievements will likely lead to them and their close ones engaging with the post. As we all know, that engagement will give your business valuable exposure.

3. Leverage your about us page

Sure, the about us page should focus on the company, that’s ok. However, adding pictures and information about your team will enhance the bond with your business. With a little luck, they’ll see it as something to brag about.
Yes, this one can help with your marketing too. Executive marketing is trending, especially for companies offering professional services. It’s not easy for clients to fully grasp the concept of complex services. Getting to know the people they’ll be working with will help them trust your brand a little better.

4. Go the extra mile

So far, we covered some great points. However, we’re still missing the most important one, the awards. They are the cornerstone of any employee recognition campaign. You might think this a problem since you’re dealing with virtual employees. The obvious solution is simply sending a gift card. The thing is, a gift card is an extremely fleeting award. The memory of the award and the value of the recognition will not last after the gift card is used. There is a better way.
Go for it, send them a real award. Nowadays, worldwide delivery is easier than ever. It might appear expensive, but even if we put aside the money you’re saving by hosting the award ceremony online, the increase in value the award will get is worth it. Knowing that you went to the trouble of sending an actual award will be priceless for your employees.
We hope these ideas inspire you to find a way of showing the appropriate recognition to your virtual employees. Now, if you need more inspiration to choose the right award take our virtual tour –

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